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Founded in 2020 to improve the dissemination of research findings produced within the University of Milan, Milano University Press set out to publish approximately 20 single-volume works per year and launch new series and journals.

Milano UP covers two publishing areas:

  • UNIMI Journals - Journals
  • UNIMI Books - Scientific and educational series and single-volume works, textbooks
  • Each area is overseen by an editorial board made up of a member of the editorial staff for each journal and series as well as a board of researchers from different subject areas

Editorial boards receive technical and organizational support from the Open Science Policy Support Office.

Books and journals are published under the Diamond Open Access model, with no fees for authors or readers.

In keeping with the principles of open science, Milano UP has positioned itself as a publishing channel granting access to scientific literature and the dissemination of research findings to both the academic community and the broader audience.

For information on journals: riviste@unimi.it

For information on series: redazione.milanoup@unimi.it

For information on books: redazione.milanoup@unimi.it

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