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Milano University Press promotes the dissemination of scientific texts, operating in line with the principles of Open Science and through the use of Creative Commons licenses.

Following the Diamond Open Access model, no publication fees are charged to professors, research fellows, PhD graduates and postdoctoral fellows of the University of Milan, whereas such fees may be charged to external proposers.

Proposals are vetted by the Milano University Press Editorial Board. Once approved, they are subject to a peer review process and, if the outcome is positive, the volume will be published.

Procedures for the submission of a publication proposal by:

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To start a journal

Interested in launching a new journal? Write to us and tell us about it!

The UNIMI Journal platform uses the OJS software. After a brief training, an editor will be able to manage:

  • writer-submitted paper and article proposals
  • peer-review processes
  • publication in different formats (PDF, HTML, etc.)

The training programme likewise includes guidance on adhering to international standards for scientific journals, and indexing in bibliometric and subject-specific databases.

The office staff will handle the creation of the journal in OJS, while the editorial staff will configure the journal and upload content.
An ISSN (which costs around 30 euros) is required for the publication of the first volume.

The platform can accommodate established journals, with content-migration to be coordinated on a case-by-case basis.

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To start a series

Please send an e-mail to and attach the series proposal form

Series are hosted on the UNIMI Book platform, which uses the OMP software. 

Each series must have a scientific and/or editorial committee and an internal editorial contact person who is responsible for managing the relationships between the authors and MilanoUP.

The MilanoUP staff will create and manage the series in OMP, while the editorial staff of the series will handle the peer review.

The platform can accommodate established series with content-migration to be coordinated on a case-by-case basis.

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